High-performance automotive interior fabrics.

You won't find any "one-size-fits-all" fabrics here. Every OEM need is unique, so we design, color and finish our seats, headliners, door panels and consoles accordingly to match each vehicle's consumer. We meet a variety of design needs, consumer needs and trimmability needs. It's why our products are just as successful in the Honda Accord as they are in the Kia Sorento.


Innovative, elegant and 100% ecological.

Dinamica® is a luxury microfiber suede from Miko* that is made primarily from recycled polyester fiber and is 100% recyclable. It meets the most stringent requirements of the automobile industry for luxurious, timeless beauty, as well as the needs of the most demanding drivers for comfort, elasticity and breathability.


Dinamica® is the first and only ecological microfiber for automotive made from recycled polyester.

Exceptional Durability

The technical properties of Dinamica allow the microfiber to be resistant and unchanged over time.


Dinamica can be adjusted to color, customized in aspect and combined with real leather for a luxury interior package.

Multiple Applications

Thanks to the wide range of products, Dinamica can be used in various parts inside a vehicle: seats, headliners and dashboards.

*Miko is a Sage company based in Italy that manufactures luxury suedes.

Cleanable, stylish and trusted in over five million vehicles.

YES Essentials® automotive interior fabrics are sustainable, high-performance textiles designed for comfort, durability and ease-of-care with an earth-friendly approach and a style consumers identify with. Our innovative fabric leads the industry with breakthrough technology that can be found in more than five million cars, trucks and SUVs.

No Stains.

YES Essentials automotive interior fabric is designed with patented repel-and-release technology, so spills that would ordinarily stain most car interiors bead up on the surface to be easily wiped away. Cleaning requires no harsh chemicals—just soap and water—even on dried or ground-in stains.

No Static.

YES Essentials' quality design and materials offer maximum comfort, while our unique antistatic fabric reduces static by more than 50% to help eliminate shock.

No Smells.

YES Essentials also inhibits the growth of odor-causing mold bacteria using our advanced technology. It even helps improve air quality, actively eliminating irritating, lingering smells from cigarette smoke, pets, food and even potentially harmful odors from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

YES Essentials fabric features:

Waterproof, resilient and ready for adventure.

FXC is a highly technical, ultra-durable interior fabric that's tough enough to stand up to the rugged lifestyle of any hardcore SUV enthusiast, and specially designed to take a beating.

Conquers water, mildew and bacteria.

FXC is designed to resist a wide range of elements and with our sophisticated engineering, it stands up to our intense testing procedures including spray repellency and hydrostatic pressure. But we didn't stop there. Our fast-drying waterproof and rain-resistant barrier resists everything moisture leaves behind, like mildew, fungus and bacteria.

Extreme repellency.

Stains are no match to FXC. Whether they're from coffee, sports drinks, sunscreen, mud, grease or just dirt and grime, they wipe away as easily as vinyl or leather. And it's engineered to respond slowly to sudden temperature changes, so it stays comfortable in hot and cold temperatures.

FXC fabric features: