High-performance automotive interior fabrics

You won't find any "one-size-fits-all" fabrics here. Every OEM need is unique, so we design, color and finish our seats, headliners, panels and consoles accordingly to match each vehicle's consumer. We meet a variety of design needs, consumer needs and trimmability needs.

Sage has a long history of providing quality soft surfaces. Whether our fabric is destined for the seats, the door panels, the headliner or anywhere else, Sage’s quality, design appeal and engineering standards ensure a comfortable and beautiful interior.


The Sage Echelon® Collection …Luxury Without Limits Sage Echelon

With revolutionary implications for automotive interiors, Sage Echelon provides precisely the materials you need to translate imagination into reality and achieve enhanced value with contemporary craftsmanship. From leather-like fabric to wool to microfibre suede, Sage Echelon gives you the breakthrough materials to create a new expression of modern luxury.

Dinamica® …Innovative, elegant and partially recyclable Dynamica

Dinamica® is a microfibre for the automotive sector from Miko*, partially produced through the use of recycled polyester**, and it is partially recyclable. It meets the most stringent requirements of the automobile industry for luxurious, timeless beauty, as well as the needs of the most demanding drivers for comfort, elasticity and breathability.


Dinamica® is an automotive industry microfibre material partially produced using recycled polyester.


The technical properties of Dinamica® allow the microfibre to be resistant and unchanged over time.


Dinamica® can be adjusted to color, customized in aspect and combined with genuine leather for a luxury interior package.


Thanks to the wide range of products, Dinamica® can be used in various parts inside a vehicle: seats, headliners and dashboards.

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*Miko is a Sage company based in Italy that manufactures luxury textile suedes.
**Recycled content ranges between 39-73% depending on the product line.


NEXXEssentials ...The Next Generation in Mobility and Performance NEXXEssentials

NEXXEssentials™ is a forward-thinking mobility interiors platform that brings innovative, performance and smart technologies to the interior and elevates the mobility experience.