Dinamica® by Miko* is a microfibre which is produced in part by using recycled polyester (the recycled content varies according to the product line and application, click here) without the use of organic solvents** but using a water-based process.

*Miko is a Sage company based in Italy that manufactures luxury textile suedes.
**For example, DMF and trichloroethylene that can be used to manufacture synthetic materials.

Suede Ahead

Dinamica® microfibre is a versatile material of exceptional quality and performance. In fact, it is suitable for use in all kinds of sectors; but in recent years, it has become very popular in the automotive industry, where it is used by some of the most premium car makers in the world.

This Italian-designed suede is suitable for a variety of applications: seat, back, headrest, armrest, dashboard, rear parcel shelf, door panels, headliner, pillars and sun visor.

Textile layers

Dinamica® Features

Top-Quality Performance

& Comfort

Luxurious Appearance

Splendid Colors

Extraordinary Resistance

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Dinamica® Is Proud to Receive the Following Certifications

Ideal For Performance Vehicles

Dinamica's breathable material guarantees a soft, luxurious touch and comfort. Its appearance creates timeless sophistication.

Easily Customize It by Adjusting the Color,

Adding Surface Embellishment

and Combining Different Materials Within the Interior.

The Future

Sage is constantly creating new standards when it comes to sustainability, with the biggest accomplishment yet on the horizon. By 2030, Miko intends to capture more CO2 than it emits and become Climate Positive by working closely with the local communities.

This will give Miko an entirely sustainable process.

Miko is committed to becoming


BY 2030