The fundamental idea behind Sage has never changed: We design and manufacture innovative interiors that complete the automotive experience. Whether it's a sports sedan, luxury coupe or SUV, all of our materials feature the distinctive style, flawless performance and luxurious comfort that appeal to customers around the globe.

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This inspiration has fueled our growth to become a leading supplier of high-performance automotive interior solutions. It has also fueled a passion for innovation, earning our products a global reputation for unmatched quality, high-end design and precision engineering. After all, a car isn't simply a machine, it's a living space. And how that space makes us feel—pampered, protected or powerful—is what brings an interior to life.

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Design innovation begins with consumer research. And over the years, we've developed a deep understanding of cultural trends and design preferences around the world. For example, how someone reacts to a fabric in China may differ wildly from someone in Brazil. But no matter where car buyers live, we can deliver what they want because we know what they want. Our commitment to consumer research, advanced engineering, seamless global integration and customer-driven design makes us the premier problem-solver for the world's leading automotive manufacturers.


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Equal parts psychology and technology, our design group's foresight process focuses on understanding the transformative trends that drive consumer behavior. Our research team considers everything from the arts to the economy to help us understand global movements in the marketplace. We have to go deep, because we're looking for trends that last, not the latest fad.

From Detroit to Munich to Tokyo, our design teams are strategically placed all over the world, so we truly offer a global perspective on cultural currents. Then we use all this insight and analysis to explore new directions in materials and technology. So when a customer comes to us with a need or a problem, we're prepared to leverage advanced technology and on-trend design to create inspired solutions.

Every day, we search for new and innovative processes to meet your specifications and delight your customers. We're on a constant quest to provide the most technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing automotive interiors.


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Sage is no flash-in-the-pan newcomer to the automotive interior business. Over the course of our 70-year heritage, we have earned a global reputation for cutting-edge innovation, world-class manufacturing, forward-looking design and outstanding customer service and support. All of which is driven by our single-minded focus on understanding the consumer and delivering what they want.

Building upon our long heritage of outstanding service and innovation, we place integrity, honesty, responsiveness and a deep respect for customers, suppliers and associates at the core of our business. Our management team operates under the leadership of executives with more than 200 combined years of experience in the automotive industry. And our workforce of nearly 2,000-strong brings a wealth of knowledge of the automotive textile business to their jobs every day. So when you work with Sage Automotive Interiors, you get the perfect mix of experience and innovation in automotive interiors.